When to Call an Auto Accident Attorney in Dayton, OH

Being in a car accident is a shocking and jarring experience. No one involved in an accident is happy that it occurred. However, when someone does something that caused the accident, such as tailgating, coming to a sudden stop, drinking and driving or texting while driving, this can make the victims of the accident very angry. However, it’s important to control that anger and take the proper steps after the accident. While someone’s first thought might be to hire an auto accident attorney in Dayton OH, there are other steps that need to be taken first.

Initially, it’s important to ensure that everyone that was involved in the Incorrect Verb Forms accident accident is okay. If there are any injuries, even if they seem minor, it’s important to go to the hospital. Sometimes internal injuries, or serious muscle impact, doesn’t manifest in intense pain right away. Refusing treatment could mean that the insurance company won’t offer to pay for treatment at a later date.

The police need to be called as well. There are exceptions to this rule, such as in a minor fender bender. But, usually it’s a good idea to involve the police, especially if anyone is being aggressive or pointing fingers over fault. The police will examine the scene to see who the likely offender is, and they will interview witnesses to make sure the right person is cited.

Next, it’s important to exchange insurance information. This will be necessary in order to get the proper repairs done on the vehicles that were damaged by the at fault person. Their insurance should also cover any medical costs. No matter who is at fault, the insurance companies for all the involved parties should be contacted and informed of the accident.

Once compensation is offered, it’s important to determine if it’s enough to cover all of the costs. This should cover medical costs, repairs for the property as well as any costs for missed time at work. If the number seems too low, or if the victim isn’t sure, then a call to an Auto Accident Attorney in Dayton OH is going to be the next step.

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