When Is Tree Maintenance in Smyrna, GA, Necessary?

by | Jun 13, 2024 | Business

Trees are a beautiful addition to any property. They provide shade and privacy and are good for the environment. However, many people don’t know that trees are actually a lot of work. They require tree maintenance in Smyrna, GA, both for appearance’s sake and for safety. Here is a quick guide to when you need to call someone to maintain your trees.

In the Fall

Many horticulturalists recommend yearly tree maintenance in Smyrna, GA. Pruning, cutting off dead branches, and shaping the remaining ones can help your trees look better than ever. Trimming is also vital for tree health because it prevents dead parts of the tree from taking up energy and resources.

Most people recommend calling tree maintenance when there aren’t any leaves on the trees because that makes it easier to shape them. In Smyrna, the best time to maintain your trees is from late fall into early spring.

After a Big Storm

In Georgia, we are no strangers to big storms or even tropical storms or hurricanes coming through. After a particularly big storm, it’s not a bad idea to schedule a tree maintenance session for your property. We all know that storms are super damaging for trees, but not a lot of people realize that they can’t always see the damage that a storm does to their trees.

You may be surprised in a few weeks by a falling branch that was weakened during a storm. Calling tree maintenance can catch weakened branches before they cause damage.

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