When is a Car Accident Attorney Needed in Baton Rouge?

Accidents are traumatic, but when things turn bad it is important to remain calm and to react to the event properly. When the accident is handled properly, the situation will not be as expensive or as troublesome to the driver. It is also important to know when to get help from a car accident attorney in Baton Rouge to help smooth out the situation.

Stay Put

When an accident occurs, it is very important to stay put and make sure that the other driver does as well. As soon as the other driver motors away, little can be done about getting any payment for the accident. Especially in situations like these, it is imperative to hiring a car accident lawyer. At the very least take down a license plate number before the other motorist can drive away, but do everything possible to keep them in place. When the other motorist sticks, around they will have to accept responsibility for the damages accrued, and more often than not, the damages will be paid for.

Call the Police

It is helpful to have police document the accident. If no police are present at the scene, it makes a lot of sense to call up the police as soon as possible without moving things around. This is especially important when the other driver is at fault because having an officer to document the accident will ensure that everything works out. Give the police a call and explain the situation and everything will be documented and getting insurance money should be much easier.

Get Insurance Information

Always get insurance information as soon as possible and report the incident to the insurance company. This is important to make sure that the claim is paid and that the damages are covered. Whether the driver is injured, has injured passengers or has damage to the vehicle, this all has to be paid for. It is helpful if the other person involved in the accident has to pay for it rather than the driver. This saves him money, and can help him keep his vehicle without the accident hurting his life in any lasting way.

When to Get a Car Accident Attorney

A car accident attorney in Baton Rouge is not needed with every accident, though they are nice to have for any situation. It is most important to get an attorney when the driver or any passengers is injured, or when the responsible party is not paying out as much money as they should be. An attorney at Babcock Injury Lawyers can help make sure that the driver is paid what he is owed and take work away from the driver so that he can relax and get over the trauma of the event.

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