What to Look for in Your Expedited Freight Carrier

If you run a business that transports goods or machinery, it is likely that you will need expedited shipping at some point. This can help get a project off the ground quickly, or replenish your store’s stock after an item has unexpectedly sold out. Here are a few of the most important attributes you should look for in your expedited freight carrier.


The trucking service you choose should have experience and competency from the highest levels to the lowest. You should do some research to determine how long the company has been active and whether or not they have a proven history of hiring capable, qualified drivers. Good drivers are essential to the process of getting your shipment to its destination safely and in a timely manner.

Good Routing

Research your expedited freight carrier to determine how well they plan their routes and shipment logistics. Are they flexible and able to rapidly adjust to changing customer needs, weather events and road conditions? Historically, how much of their cargo has arrived safely and on time? Smart and flexible routing, and excellent responsiveness to changing conditions, can help ensure that your shipment arrives where and when you need it.

Multiple Options

Ideally, your trucking service should provide a variety of choices and services to meet your needs. Can the company coordinate shipments by rail? Do they handle unusual or oversized cargo? What about hazardous materials? Your company’s exact shipment needs will vary. Do extensive research before choosing a freight carrier, to ensure that the carrier’s capabilities match up well with your business’s requirements.

Shipping With Speed

When you own a business or run a company, you will sometimes need equipment or cargo shipped on a very short time frame. You need to feel confident that your shipment will arrive safely and quickly. A good expedited freight carrier will be able to provide reliable, efficient service you can count on.

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