What to Know About Porcelain Crowns Las Vegas

Part of having optimal dental health is trying to preserve as much dental structure as possible. A positive way to do this is to use Porcelain Crowns Las Vegas when certain conditions exist. By learning more about the advantages of these restorative devices, a person can make a well-informed decision on whether to use them. The following information will help with this.

A porcelain crown is a man-made cover that safeguards the top of a tooth from damage. This device can be used to replace a poor-fitting crown. It can also be implemented when a person has a bite problem. A dental patient who has a bit problem often experiences tooth structure deterioration when teeth in the lower and upper rows improperly contacting one another. This can cause grinding that wears away the top of a tooth. A dental patient may also get a porcelain crown after getting root canal therapy. In addition, a person can use Porcelain Crowns Las Vegas for cosmetic purposes to have an enhanced smile.

Getting a porcelain crown may take two to three visits. There may be a waiting period of two to three weeks in between each visit. Before installing a porcelain crown, a dentist may numb the area around the tooth with a local anesthetic. Other forms of sedation dentistry can be used according to a dental patient’s needs. The tooth will then be reduced using an appropriate dental burr. During reduction, the tooth will be shaped to complement the contour of the bottom of the porcelain crown. Next, a mold will be taken Of the prepared tooth and adjacent teeth. Some dentists will use a temporary crown to protect the prepared tooth. On the following visit, the dentist will insert the crown after making adjustments where necessary. The cement used may be medicated to fight any infection.

By learning about the basics of Porcelain Crowns Las Vegas, a person will know what to expect and can decide if this treatment is for him. For more information on these restorative devices, a dental patient can browse the website of Desert Breeze Dental. This dental practice offers many services including implants, dentures, root canal therapy, and veneers.

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