What To Do If Your Claim For Social Security Disability Is Disallowed

There is a very good chance that your claim for Social Security disability benefits will be denied, only about 30 percent of initial claims are approved, the rest are rejected. If you are amongst the 70 percent, what should you do? First of all, never resubmit a second claim, it will probably be rejected as well; always appeal the decision and do it within 60 days. It is during the appeals process that you need a seasoned disability lawyer in Tennessee to guide and assist you.

Always appeal:

It is quite amazing but statistics indicate that most claimants that have their claim denied don’t bother taking the claim any further, miss the 60 day window for filing a notice of appeal or file a new claim. All of these decisions are wrong.

If your claim is denied try to determine why this happened and hire a disability lawyer in Tennessee to help you put together a winning appeal.

The appeals process:

In most cases the first stage of the appeals process is to request that your initial claim be reconsidered. This rarely results in approval, let’s face it, nothing has changed.

The best chance of gaining approval of a claim comes during a hearing. With the backlog being what it is, it may take a year or more to actually sit in front of an Administrative Law Judge and plead your case, but this waiting period can be put to good use. When you are called for a hearing, the ALJ will want up to date medical reports and current records of any tests that you have taken; your disability lawyer in Tennessee knows this and can make sure the supporting evidence is submitted at the right time.

Whatever you do, don’t delay in hiring a disability lawyer and don’t make a new claim. In the event you are denied disability benefits, always appeal.

A seasoned disability lawyer in Tennessee can help you appeal if you were denied Social Security disability benefits. You are invited to contact the Law Offices of Miller & Drozdowski, P.C. Like us on our facebook page.

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