What to Bring for Temporary Furnished Military Housing in Imperial Beach

Active duty military personnel sometimes have to move relatively frequently. Those who know they won’t be staying in one place for more than a year need short-term leases. Temporary furnished military housing in Imperial Beach provides an effective solution for these men and women.

Partial vs. Fully Furnished

Some short-term housing is partially furnished with all the necessary furniture and enough kitchenware for families to do meal preparation and eat together. Other apartments are fully furnished with a TV set and DVD player, bed linens, towels and other items. This type of military housing in Imperial Beach is especially appealing to individuals who don’t want to pack up more boxes and totes than necessary for relocating.

Framed Photos and Decorative Items

Without needing to bring all sorts of essentials, the family can instead choose possessions to make the place feel more like home. Framed photos of family and friends, houseplants and certain types of favorite decorative pieces are examples. The landlord might not allow hanging anything on the wall for short-term residents, since that requires holes from nails or screws.

A Small Number of Books

It can make sense for reading lovers to have a shelf of favorite books they own on display. That’s particularly appealing when parents are encouraging their young children to develop a reading hobby. Beyond a shelf or two, though, packing and unpacking lots of books becomes a hassle. Boxes of books also are heavy to carry.

To learn more about one place providing temporary housing in the greater San Diego area, active military members may check out the website

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