What Should You Know About Dental Implants in Indianapolis IN?

Having a complete smile not only allows people to smile with confidence, it also helps them chew their food more completely for better nutrition. When one is lacking teeth, it can be difficult to eat some types of food, depending on how many teeth are missing. Today, there are now many dental services that can help people improve the appearance and function of their teeth. With dental implants in Indianapolis IN, a person’s smile can be made whole so they are able to show their teeth with confidence.

Dental implants are three parts that form one solid unit once placed together. While all pieces of the implant are important, there is one that is vital for the successful function of the implant once it is in place. The titanium implant part of the tooth must be implanted into the bone tissue which will then grow around it so it is completely secure. This is why dental implants are considered a permanent option for tooth replacement.

It can take several months for complete bonding to take place, depending on a person’s health, age, and rate of bone growth. Most people experience full bonding within three to four months. Before bonding occurs, one may need to wear a temporary tooth implant until their base is secure enough for the other parts to be installed. Once all three parts are together, the only one that will show is the prosthetic tooth that lies above the gum tissue.

Joining the implant base and the prosthetic tooth is an abutment. Abutments can be made of gold, silver, titanium, surgical steel and zirconia. Once all of the pieces are together, a person’s new tooth will look and perform as a natural tooth would so no one will be able to tell the patient has an artificial tooth in place.

If you are interested in Dental Implants in Indianapolis IN, browse our website. With dental treatments, people can have their missing teeth replaced, no matter where there is an issue with their smile. It is important a person calls their dentist and schedules a consultation appointment so they can get started on the process and find out if they are a good candidate for implants.

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