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What Is it Like Living in a West Chelsea Condominium?

Owning a West Chelsea condominium is a sign of affluence. You will not be disappointed when you walk with your realtor through the decadent hallways draped with beautiful art and stop to admire the elegant architecture. West Chelsea is a safe neighborhood tucked away from most of the favorite tourist destinations. While it is quieter than most New York City neighborhoods, there are live and upbeat local bars and restaurants.

Ready to Go Shopping?

West Chelsea is filled with boutiques and local art galleries. West Chelsea was once an industrial town. It is now bursting at the seams with high-end designers and the latest fashions. West Chelsea is known for the arts that designers translate into their clothes. When you are living in a West Chelsea condominium, you can simply walk down to these boutiques without the hassle of finding parking. The Chelsea Market is on 9th Avenue between 15th and 16th Street. Once a factory, the Chelsea Market has quaint boutiques, cafes, and shops such as Blackbarn.

Experience Art and Culture

West Chelsea is an amazing place to live. Purchasing a West Chelsea condominium such as those sold at 35 Hudson Yards will give you a taste of luxury every day. West Chelsea is enriched with art and culture. As the city was reshaped, designers loved the feel of weird shapes and organic curved walls. Living in a condominium means you will have premier access to the art galleries. Many condominium complexes offer tickets to local shows before they are sold to the public.

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