What Can You See While on Danube River Cruises

There are plenty of reasons to choose a cruise for a vacation. A cruise ship offers great food, entertainment and can take its passengers to great destinations. Many people think that the only types of cruises that are worth taking are ones that take them across oceans. They may think it involves looking out over vast expanses of water as the ship travels thousands of miles. They do not realize that there are other options when it comes to cruises, and some of these options may offer plenty of things to see and do. Danube River Cruises are an example of a different type of cruise.

About the Danube

The Danube River goes through 10 countries in Europe and is the second longest river that is found in Europe. It begins in Germany, flows through countries that include Croatia, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine before finally ending at the Black Sea. Along the way, the Danube goes through many well-known cities that offer visitors a living history of Europe.

Sites During a Cruise

When you book a cruise along the Danube, it is easy to choose the cruise that you take based on the sites that can be seen. At Great Escapes Travel, our experienced travel agents are ready to make your family’s vacation dreams a reality. We Can Help You Plan Your Ideal Trip! These are some of the best sites things to see when taking one of the many different cruises on the Danube.

  • Christmas Cruise – When choosing to travel during this time of year, passengers get to take in the Christmas Markets found in the cities of Nuremburg, Vienna and Regensburg.

  • Ports – The different Danube Cruises make stops in a variety of cities and allow people to explore what places such as Budapest, Bratislava, and Vienna to name a few.

  • Churches – Danube River Cruises can allow a person to visit some of the most incredible churches in Passau. Germany. There are more than one hundred churches found in this town.

  • Old Cities – Regensburg is considered to be the oldest city in Europe having been settled first in 500 BC.

  • Extended Trips – One of the advantages of a cruise on the Danube is the ability to extend the amount of time spent on land. That allows passengers to take in even more of their favorite sites.

It does not take anyone long to learn that a cruise does not have to be on the ocean to be worth taking. A river cruise on the Danube can offer things no ocean cruise could ever do.

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