What a Termite Inspection Entails

by | Aug 21, 2015 | Pest Control

There is a completely new set of responsibilities when one goes from renting a place to owning a home. When one owns a home, they have to consider different things like pest control, lawn services, plumbing services and more. Oh, the joys of becoming a homeowner are countless but it comes with things that people do not generally think of. Say for instance, someone is residing in the Tampa FL area; termites are a problem in that area because of the warm climate that is provided to them. Termites can cause long-term effects on a home to the point beyond repair if a termite inspection is not regularly scheduled.

Termite Can Damage an Entire Structure

Termites can eat someone out of house and home, literally, from the inside out. They tend to feed on the walls and wooden beams, foundations and more. Once a termite infestation has taken place, it is very difficult to take care of. The time has come to get a termite inspection done on the home (one should be done before moving into a new home as well!) where does one look and what exactly should a termite inspection entail?

A Termite Inspection Will Include

A termite inspection will include but is not limited to the following:

  • Perimeter check
  • Any wooden areas will be checked more thoroughly, this may be around foundation, fenced areas, firewood, mulched area, etc.
  • Check sheetrock for burrow holes
  • Around sink and tub areas, as well as, baseboards and such
  • Attics, crawl spaces and basements will be thoroughly checked as well

What to Look For

A trained termite inspection professional will know the telltale signs of an infestation and will be able to point them out to the homeowner so they know what to look for in the future. Once an inspection is completed, an assessment and prevention plan will be created on how the infestation is going to be taken care of. Precautionary measures should be taken as far as securing the outside perimeter of the home with bait and traps to try to stop the problem from even entering the home. Then depending on how severe the termite infestation is, they will need to be eliminated from the home, which can take a little time.

Highly trained professionals will have the proper tools and know how to effective rid a home of a termite problem. It is imperative to set up a regularly scheduled termite inspection especially for those individuals who have had a problem prior.

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