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What a Bankruptcy Attorney in Des Moines can Offer You

There aren’t many people that like the idea of having to file for bankruptcy, but unfortunately, many people find that with their current financial situation, bankruptcy is the only viable option. While there are lot of things to consider with a potential bankruptcy filing, one of the most important things you can do is retain the services of a Bankruptcy Attorney Des Moines. There are many reasons why a bankruptcy attorney can be helpful to you in this difficult and challenging time.

The first thing a Bankruptcy Attorney Des Moines will offer you is the ability to prepare and to file your bankruptcy petition with the court. You might think that this is something you can do yourself, without the help of a legal professional, but when you consider that the average petition is anywhere from 30 to 60 pages long, it helps to have someone who has done it a few times before preparing the petition for yourself.

Secondly, a Bankruptcy Attorney Des Moines will help deal with your creditors and get them off of your back. Legally, once you have begun the bankruptcy process, which starts when the petition is filed, creditors are prohibited from contacting you. Any contact they have must be through your appointed representation and that is your lawyer.

Lastly, there are compliance issues you must meet in regards to your bankruptcy. In most instances, the courts will mandate that you and your spouse, if they are joining you in the bankruptcy filing, will be required to take mandatory credit counseling. Your attorney will facilitate you complying with the courts. In addition, you may be required to attend a 341 meeting with your creditors. Your attorney will inform you of the date of this meeting and prepare you for what to expect during this court mandated meeting.

The reality is that a Bankruptcy Attorney Des Moines is invaluable, not only when your considering filing for bankruptcy, but when you’re going through the entire bankruptcy process. With the services they provide as well as the guidance and experience they have dealing with bankruptcies, the help of a bankruptcy attorney can make a very difficult time a little easier to manage.


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