Wearing an AS Roma Kit With Pride

Associazione Sportiva Roma, popularly known AS Roma, is one of the top teams in the Serie A, Italian top football league. Its origins can be traced way back to 1927. The club has taken part in the top flight Italian league every season apart from the 1951-52 season. Among its achievements, the club has won 3 Serie A titles, 9 Copa Italia and 2 Supercoppa Italiana trophies.

It is against the backdrop of such a rich history that gives the wearer of AS Roma kit much pride. Whenever the team is at Stadio Olimpico, the homeground, you can cheer the team as part of over 72,000 fans who flock this magnificent stadium. What is it in a football kit that makes wearing one such a big deal? Heres why.

* A soccer shirt is not just any piece of clothing. It is the face of the club. By wearing an AS Roma shirt, you are making a strong statement about where your loyalty lies. Football is quite popular among Italians. Many do flock sports stadia, hotels and bars to catch live action or watch it on TV. When you dress in the colors of your team, you take your place among other fans and cheer on your team whether it wins or loses.

* As football gains popularity, more ways are being devised to increase coverage of the sport. Millions of dollars are collected by teams through gate collection fees, royalties for televising matches and advertising endorsements. An AS Roma kit is symbolic of how big an industry football is.

* You can order for customised AS Roma kit online or buy at the club’s store in Rome. Doing so helps support the club pay fees for its players some of whom are international superstars. These talented players are the reason you go to watch matches irrespective of which day of the week it is. Wearing the kit is a symbol of solidarity with the club. It shows that you appreciate what the players do and would like to see the team do better every time.

* Football has a fanatic following across the world. Everyday, matches are beamed to millions of viewers via satellite television. Others follow proceedings online while another lot would be content with checking the results as reported in the newspaper. A football kit sends the message that you love the game and more so, the team you are supporting.

* If you like certain players, you can buy a football jersey with the name or number of your favorite player. Members of your family can join you in supporting football teams. They need not support the same team as you. You can make it a football weekend.

An AS Roma kit can be bought from stores that deal in football jerseys. The same can also be acquired online. More information on this can be found at Soccer Jersey Shirt online.


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