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Visit a Jewelry Store in Cincinnati, OH and Ask About Lab Grown Diamonds

Instead of mining for diamonds today, some diamond sources mine their diamonds in a lab. You can find these lab-created diamonds in some high-end jewelry stores near you. This ethically sourced stone reduces injuries in diamond mines.

Lab-Grown Diamonds Reduce Mining Injuries

Therefore, any jewelry store in Cincinnati, OH that features lab-grown diamonds is a retailer you want to visit online, whether you find the stones online or at a brick-and-mortar location. Did you know that, on average, diamond mining leads to one injury per 1,000 workers? Therefore, a lab-grown diamond is a stone worth considering.

Eco-Friendly Stones

In addition, any jewelry store that sells man-made diamonds also reduces waste and prevents further ecological destruction. For each carat of diamonds mined, almost 100 square feet of land is affected and around 6,000 pounds of mineral waste is produced. Therefore, growing diamonds in a lab under the same conditions as a mine is the right thing to do.

Less in Price, But Not in Value

You will find that a jewelry store that features the man-made stones is the right retailer to visit for all your jewelry and diamond needs. Lab-grown and traditional diamonds in this setting are both competitively priced. In particular, a lab-grown diamond can be priced 30% less than diamonds that are mined.

Who to Contact Online

However, that does not mean you cannot consider mined diamonds as well. It is always good to have a wide selection. You can realize this goal when you contact Kirk & Company Jewelers at their retail location or online on the Internet. Make it your goal to buy your jewelry that offers a larger variety of products so you can buy your jewelry more responsibly. When you take this stance, you will find that finding a gem can be as exciting as it is special. Look into the benefits of buying lab-grown diamonds today.

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