Using a 24-Hour Bail Bondsman Service in Cleburne, Texas to Stay out of Jail When There’s No Conviction

A 24-hour bail bondsman service in Cleburne, Texas can have a person who was arrested back home within a short amount of time, even outside of normal business hours. This individual now can be with family, go to work, and find a defense attorney to work with for a favorable outcome.

Serious Negative Consequences

Without being able to pay cash bail, provide collateral or obtain a bail bond, a person who has been charged with a crime must stay in jail unless a judge issues release on the defendant’s own recognizance. Every year, a large number of people who have not been convicted of a crime wind up in jail until their case ends at trial, through a plea bargain or by another resolution.

Having to stay in jail before conviction costs defendants their jobs and sometimes custody of their children. With so many people living paycheck to paycheck, the risk of eviction or foreclosure is high. Unpaid bills pile up and can lead to bankruptcy.

A Sense of Pressure

When someone is held in jail without a conviction, this individual feels pressured to accept a plea bargain as quickly as possible if that means being able to go free. Unfortunately, this also means having a conviction on the person’s criminal record without the option of trial by a jury of peers. With a surety bond from an organization such as Rogers’ Bail Bonds, the defendant at least has the chance to pursue a different solution. Learn more about us at the website.

Responding to an Arrest Warrant

The service of a bondsman can even be used to avoid spending a single minute in jail. In some instances, the person becomes aware that law enforcement has issued a warrant for arrest. These individuals can have a 24-hour bail bondsman service in Cleburne, Texas ready to post a surety bond before turning themselves in. As long as they have not been charged with an offense for which there is no bail, and as long as they can afford the fee for the bond, they do not have to spend any time behind bars at this point.

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