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Types of Asphalt Services in Dayton, OH

Asphalt is widely used in a number of different construction projects. It is one of the most durable materials in the world right now, and it is mainly used in the construction of driveways, housing floors, roofs, and building foundations. Asphalt isn’t directly used as the main material; it is used as a binding substance for keeping the concrete and the aggregate together. A well-maintained asphalt driveway or floor can last around fifteen years without giving you any trouble. But due to the fact that the floor is exposed to a variety of atmospheric elements on a daily basis, it will begin to crack within ten years or so. Here are some common asphalt services in Dayton, OH that you might need.

Asphalt Sealcoating

One of the most common asphalt services offered by local companies is asphalt sealcoating. Companies such as Moyer Sealcoating provide repairs and sealcoating services to customers all over Dayton. They will use a high quality sealant and apply it onto the asphalt, which prevents harmful liquids and stains from damaging the floor. Sealcoating can significantly improve the life of your asphalt floors. This is the most common residential asphalt sealcoating service offered to homeowners.

Asphalt Repairs

In case the asphalt gets damaged and cracks start to appear, it won’t be long before the surface will become uneven as well. The company will decide whether to remove and reinstall patches or to lay down a completely new driveway. If you want asphalt services for the installation of a new driveway, it’s highly recommended that you get quotes from at least two or three different companies. Most companies will first ask permission to measure the driveway and then give you a quote for the total cost of installation. You should also negotiate on the price to save a bit more money on the deal.

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