Trane Helirotor Compressor: One Of Four Basic Types

by | Jul 28, 2016 | Plumber Repair & Service

Trane is a company that produces air condition systems that are intended to cool down entire residences. In any Trane air conditioning system, the most expensive component is the compressor e.g. the Trane helirotor compressor. If the Trane compressor consists of two stages, it will have two compressors.

Basic Types of Compressors

The compressor is the heart of an air conditioning system. Like many other pieces of equipment, compressors come in several different types. The four most common ones are:

1. Reciprocating Compressor: This is the traditional type. It has been in common industrial use for several decades.

2. Scroll Compressor: This popular compressor is efficient. It is also considered to be durable and reliable. This makes it a popular model

3. Helical-Rotary (Helirotor or Screw) Compressor: Currently increasing in popularity, the screw type of compressor is slowly replacing the more traditional reciprocating compressor. This is the result of improved capabilities such as efficiency and reliability

4. Centrifugal Compressor: This operates on the principle of dynamic compression

Of these types of compressors, the first three on the list are all positive-displacement compressors. The last type of compressors, the centrifugal compressor, does not operate on the same principles. Instead of trapping and compressing the refrigerant vapor by reducing the amount of refrigerant gradually, the centrifugal compressor instead applies the principle of dynamic compression to produce the same results.

Trane Compressors

Trane offers its customers a variety of compressor types to suit their needs. One of the more popular types is the Trane helirotor compressor. This air chiller model is favored for several reasons. Research indicates it:

* Is highly reliable – utilizing the Adaptive Control™ Microprocessor

* Is simple in design- only 2 rotating components

* Has High efficiency optimized for both full and part-load

* Features inherent safety functions

* Allows for tight temperature control

This screw air-cooled chiller operates on direct drive, low speed and, though it’s many features provides cost-effective cooling for many applications.

The Trane Helirotor Compressor: Robust Product of a Growing Company

Trane, first founded in 1913 by a father and son team in Wisconsin, has continue to grow on an international scale. It now operates globally where before it was a small plumbing firm. Today, the company remains healthy in a time of change. With products such as the Trane helirotor compressor, it continues to grow its local, national and international market shares while providing people and industries with viable air cooling options.

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