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Top Four Industries That Benefit from Conveyor Rollers in IL

When you hear the word “conveyor,” you may instantly think of the conveyor belts in grocery stores. But a variety of industries actually use the technology of rollers in order to function efficiently.

Printing and Paper Industries

The paper and print industries produce a variety of goods every year. These goods range from cardboard boxes for food products to traditional newspapers and magazines. Each paper or printed object requires a conveyor system in order to get the paper product into a printing machine. Conveyors then are required to move the product into boxes.

Cars and Trucks

One of the biggest uses of conveyor technology is found in factories making cars and trucks. The automotive industry uses conveyor rollers to roll parts down an assembly line. Without the use of conveyor technology, people working in the automotive factory would need to lift parts that sometimes weigh hundreds of pounds.

Food Factories

Processed and pre-made food makes life easier for both restaurants and individual families. In factories that produce food, conveyor systems are needed in order to speed up the production of the product. Conveyors are used both for making the product and for packaging the finalized product.


The conveyor system helps to get your luggage to you. The conveyor system moves luggage from the plane’s cargo hold to the area where you will be waiting to pick up your bags. Without these systems, the wait at an airport would be unbearable.

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