Top 3 Most Common Cases That Require Aid from a Criminal Law Attorney in West Palm Beach

Most criminal cases that go to court fall under just a few common categories. While these offenses may be common, this does not make them any less of an offense. Fortunately, more common cases tend to have more professionals behind them that are experienced and ready to help represent you in court. For example, one of the most common criminal charges are related to DUIs.

Understanding your case is key to making sure you are properly represented. To help you with your case and more, here are the top three most common criminal cases that require aid of a criminal law attorney in West Palm Beach.


DUI charges are one of the most common types of criminal charges and cases. Cases range from simple charges of driving under the influence to accidents and even vehicular manslaughter in relation to drunk driving. In any case, DUIs are never simple or minor offenses.

These types of charges can affect everything from your record to your driver’s license, insurance rates, and more. If you are faced with DUI charges, you’ll want to make sure you have the proper aid of a criminal law attorney.

Drug Offenses

Drug offenses and charges are also very common, ranging from drug possession to dealing. These charges range in severity, as they do with any other offense. If you want to get the best representation for the best outcome, you should hire a trusted and reputable criminal law attorney.

Domestic Assault

Lastly, domestic assault and abuse is a common charge. Again, as with any criminal offense, the charges vary depending on the offense. Domestic offenses can leave a very permanent mark on your record, since they are taken very seriously in court. A criminal lawyer in West Palm Beach will be there and ready to represent you when you hire the right professional.

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