Tips On Choosing Brewery Wastewater Treatment Systems

by | Nov 5, 2018 | Waste Management

With the increase in microbreweries and craft breweries throughout Texas, understanding the basics of managing wastewater in the industry is important. There are several options in brewery wastewater treatment systems on the market, but not all are in compliance with local regulations for wastewater systems.

It is always important to verify all wastewater regulations in your local area. What is acceptable or within regulations in one country or municipality in the state may not be compliant in others. Take the time to research and consult with the local authorities to fully understand the specific required to discharge wastewater after treatment at your facility.

The Big Issues

It is important to have on-site brewery wastewater treatment systems that are used prior to discharging the water into the sewer system. Water from breweries is high in sugar as well as alcohol content and also has a higher level of total suspended solids or TSS than typical wastewater from other types of processing.

These issues can contribute to bacterial growth and challenges in maintaining municipal sewer systems. Even if the wastewater is discharged on the ground in rural areas, it is still a problem based on the change in pH, the potential for bacterial contamination and the end resulting changes to the environment.

Dewatering Systems

Some of the most effective methods in treating brewery wastewater on site are dewatering systems. These systems work to remove the solid particles as well as to trap the various compounds, sugars and organic materials that are found in the brewing process. With the use of aerobic systems, this is a fast and effective method to produce water that is suitable for disposal into the sewer system or to be otherwise discharged.

At the same time, the nutrient-rich sludge left behind can also be used for agricultural purposes, which creates an additional form of passive income for the brewery. These brewery wastewater treatment systems are cost-effective to operate and easy to maintain, creating a win-win situation for on-site wastewater management.

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