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Tips for Working Out at COVID-Safe Gyms

With the new COVID-19 criteria in place, gyms are starting to reopen. You may be excited to start visiting COVID-safe gyms if you were a regular gym-goer in the past or if you’re ready for some real physical activity after months of lazy seclusion. You could also be concerned because coronavirus is still spreading in many places.

Follow these tips to be safe when exercising during the COVID-19 pandemic and whether you should use a mask.

Wear a Mask or Not

One of the biggest questions people have about COVID-safe gyms is if they are required to wear a mask or not. Ideally, you will want to wear a mask at Green Door Fitness when you are doing anything except working out, including changing clothes, walking between equipment, and anything else.

Gym goers can wear a mask while working out, but it is recommended to cut down the length of any high-intensity workouts or stop if they feel dizzy.

Minimize Time Spent at the Gym

Because viral particles can stay indoors, the risk of developing COVID-19 indoors is nearly 19% higher than the risk of contracting it outside. The shorter time you spend indoors, the less likely you are to catch COVID-19 during your stay.

If you choose, you may still accomplish a one-hour workout if you keep focused. Don’t get distracted by small talk, and don’t spend too much time in the lobby or locker room before or after your workout.

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