Tips For Caring For Your Tooth After a Root Canal Treatment in Sylvania Ohio

Going to the dentist for Root Canal Treatment Sylvania Ohio can sometimes cause a person to feel a little uneasy, especially if they have never had the procedure before. Root canals are much easier to endure than in the past and they rarely cause any more pain than having a tooth filled. While there will be some discomfort as the body heals, most individuals are able to manage the discomfort with an over-the-counter pain medication. It is important a person knows how to properly care for their tooth after the procedure so it can heal.

These tips will ensure individuals can properly heal after a root canal:

  • Until the anesthesia has worn off, it is imperative individuals do not eat or drink. Drinking or eating while the mouth is numb can cause injury. It can take up to five hours for the effects of anesthesia to completely wear off after a Root Canal Treatment Sylvania Ohio.
  • It is vital a patient resumes their normal care routine as soon as the numbing sensation has stopped. Flossing and brushing will keep the tooth healthy and help to prevent decay. The gums may be tender in the area of the tooth so a person should be gentle while brushing and flossing to prevent increased discomfort.
  • If a patient will be having further restoration work done to their tooth, it is important they avoid chewing directly on the affected tooth as much as possible, so as to prevent damage.
  • Temporary fillings are often put in place when a patient has an infection in the tooth. It is not uncommon for patients to have a thin layer come off. If the entire filling comes out, it is vital a patient contacts their dentist right away.
  • Should individuals find the same painful symptoms returning, they need to see their dentist again to ensure the infection has not returned. It is important patients are seen on a routine basis to check the healing process. Visit here for more details.

These tips should help individuals prepare for caring for their tooth after a Root Canal Treatment Sylvania Ohio. Contact Kozy Paul S DDS & Associates in Sylvania Ohio and allow them to schedule your appointment today.

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