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Tips for Buying Upper West Side Real Estate in NYC

Do you want to make this year the year you realize your homeownership goals? It’s no surprise that so many individuals choose to make the Upper West Side their home, given the close access to riverside vistas, nature trails, cultural centers, and all else that Upper West Side real estate in NYC has to offer in terms of amenities.

Get a Pre-Approval

There are several reasons why you should get a mortgage pre-approval before you start looking for a home with a company such as Charlotte of the Upper West Side. Unless you’re paying cash, you may not know how much you can afford.

A mortgage pre-approval is based on various variables, including income, employment history, debt, and more. You may be confident in your capacity to make a monthly payment, but the bank may disagree. A pre-approval will provide you with a clearer picture of your purchasing power.

Second, before agreeing to show any properties, many agents will request to see your pre-approval letter. They want to make sure that you, as a buyer, can afford the apartment before taking those following steps ahead for the reasons stated above.

Write up a Wishlist

You may start making a wish list for Upper West Side real estate in NYC after you have a decent notion of your price range. Depending on your budget, you may need to sacrifice certain goods to find room for others, so prioritize your list.

Which would you prefer: a view of the Hudson River or a vista of Central Park? Do you like to be on the second or third story of a building, or do you prefer to be on the ground floor? All of these inquiries can help you figure out which buildings and flats you’ll be happy with in the long run.

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