Timing Is Key for Scoring the Most Awesome Student Apartments

by | Jul 11, 2024 | Student Housing Center

So, you’re getting ready to embark on one of the most exciting chapters in your life by heading off to college! Now comes the exciting but sometimes stressful part. You need to start your search for procuring the perfect West Lafayette student apartment. Finding the right place can feel overwhelming, but there’s a secret weapon to help you out, and this is timing your search perfectly.

Early Bird Gets the Worm (Apartment)

The prime time to snag amazing West Lafayette student apartments is between November and February. Landlords typically start listing apartments for the following academic year during this period. This gives you a wider selection of options, and this includes the best locations and amenities. With more apartments available, you’re less likely to end up in a less-than-ideal spot and face some severe disatisfaction.

March Madness for Apartments (Avoid!)

As spring rolls around (March-April), things get a little crazy. Competition heats up as more students lock in their housing plans. The good stuff gets snatched up quickly, and this leaves you with fewer choices. You might end up in a less desirable location or have to settle for an apartment without the features you want.

With a little planning and some early bird action, you’ll be living in the perfect spot come fall semester. So, grab your roommates, brainstorm your must-have features and get ready to find your new college home. For the best West Lafayette Student Apartments in town, contact Redpoint West Lafayette by visiting https://redpoint-westlafayette.com/.

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