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Three Tips to Save on Your Air Conditioning Bill This Summer in Lewes, DE

The heat of the summer can send us scurrying indoors to our nice, cool Air Conditioning Lewes DE without a second thought, but we cringe every month when we see the electric and gas bills in the mail. Without paying attention to our usage, the air conditioning can raise our utility bills to outrageous proportions, but with a few simple steps, we can help keep those costs under control.

*Adjust the Temperature Before Bed

There is no reason to have your thermostat set on the same temperature while you are in bed asleep as while you are up moving around. When you are heading to bed, stop by the central thermostat and adjust the temperature a few degrees closer to the outdoor temperature (Turn the temperature up in the summer and down in the winter.) This will give your air conditioning unit several hours where it is not working so hard and constantly which will use less energy. Even a change of a few degrees each night can make a difference on your utility bill.

*Adjust the Temperature for an Empty House

If you are planning a day trip to the pool or beach, adjust that thermostat before you leave. Although no one wants to come back from a day in the sun to a sweltering house, a house that is cooled beyond a few degrees from the shade temperature will feel chilly on your skin. Instead, adjust your thermostat while you’re gone, and change the temperature back to your normal once you get home. Not only will you feel more comfortable walking into your home, but you will be saving money too!

*Schedule & Perform Regular System Maintenance

Regular maintenance does not mean weekly, but have a trained, certified professional run a check on your system every year or so to make sure that it is still running with maximum efficiency. Change your air filters regularly, at least once a month and more often if your home has smokers or pets. Keep your vents clear of debris.

Saving money on your utility bill and still maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home can work together. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for affordability, just take small steps in your daily life towards your goal and before you know it, you’ll begin to see the savings on your monthly bills! Click Here to save money on your bills.

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