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Three Renovation Ideas to Get More Out of Your Basement in Farmington, CT

Is your basement a musty and dusty part of your home that you only venture into when necessary? Stop letting it go to waste by turning it into a beautiful space you can enjoy every day. If you’re ready to make better use of your home’s largest room, consider these three ideas for basement renovations in Farmington, CT.

Home Movie Theater

A dark and quiet basement is the perfect place to put a home theater. Take advantage of the large space with a huge television or projector screen. Set up two or three rows of comfortable leather seating along with a popcorn machine and soda fridge.

Recreation Room

One of the most popular basement renovations in Farmington, CT, a recreation room is a great choice for families. Add a pool table, television, video game system, and a comfortable couch for your kids.

Main Bedroom Suite

If you don’t need a lot of natural light, a basement is the perfect space for a large and luxurious main bedroom. Because the basement is out of the way, you can enjoy plenty of peace, quiet, and private time, while being located close to your home’s boiler lets you enjoy the hottest water in the house.

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