Things to Consider Before Hiring a Siding Contractor in Lisle IL

Siding installation and replacement are very infrequent projects for any place of residence. Most people have no experience hiring a siding contractor in Lisle IL, although they may be able to get advice from friends, relatives and colleagues. They may have observed their parents hiring one of these companies many years ago, and that may be their only familiarity with the process.

Obtaining Estimates

Before hiring a siding contractor in Lisle IL, homeowners are strongly encouraged to obtain at least three estimates so they can make some price comparisons. The main exception to this will be if they know other people who have hired this particular company for a similar job recently and were satisfied. They should require a written quote from the contractor before the job begins.

Features of the Company

The homeowners should look for a local company and they will want to find out how long this contractor has been in business. They may prefer one like Exterior Designers Inc., also known as EDI, since the owner began this business more than 20 years ago and has a proven track record. The products will have a manufacturer’s warranty. The contractor should also provide some type of labor guarantee. In the unlikely event that any problems develop early on due to issues with installation, they will be fixed free of charge.

No Need for Itemized Quotes

There is no reason to ask for an itemized quote. Some homeowners ask for itemized quotes from every contractor, hoping they can find a way to get the price reduced at a certain point in the estimate. In general, the customers know what the shingles cost, and sometimes even take the responsibility of ordering shingles from a local supplier. The rest of the estimate covers labor and all other necessary hardware.

Project Beginning and Ending Dates

The contract should specify the date the project will start and the expected end date. A contractor working with a crew can finish siding a house relatively quickly, but one or two workers take longer. Contact us at the earliest convenience to get started on obtaining an estimate.

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