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The most popular flooring trends of 2017

The year might be almost halfway gone, but the flooring trends that have become popular this year seem to be here to stay. The home improvement marketplace has seen a significant increase in investments with about 29 percent of homemakers looking to spend more. A huge chunk of this expenditure goes to flooring, with designers coming up with some of the most innovative styles this year.

Dark floorboards

For a long while, the light or blonde shade was the preferred and most popular statement in many homes. Homeowners loved it because it painted modern and stylish interiors in the best light. With accessory colors becoming brighter, though, bolder colors are becoming all the rage. The grey and dark tones are loved because they bring that warmth and sophistication to any home. Rich, dark, wood can also add a slightly vintage glamor outlook.


Brushed floorboards are making a statement in a huge way. The brushed finish provides a natural look and can bring out the engrained texture which can be particularly attractive in houses with wood flooring in Miami. Homeowners are becoming much more thoughtful and creative with their flooring solutions. Most people are moving towards the addition of a little extra detail from the ground up. Floorboards are being looked at as statement pieces, with every floorboard telling a story. Staggering the seams has been especially popular, as it not only gives the room some character but also adds stability to the floor.

The kitchen

Among those updating their kitchens, porcelain and ceramic looks remain the most popular. However, engineered wood follows at a close second. That the kitchen is one of the most important areas of the house is a gross understatement. It is also one of the busiest and the one whose floors most prone to damage. The type pf flooring installed here should therefore not only be rigid and durable, but easy to clean and take care of. Chipboard is slowly coming up as one of the desirable options here. It leaves the living space in perfect condition, is hard wearing and easy to clean, just what the doctor ordered.

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