The Importance Of Residential Gutter Service In Greeley, CO

by | Jul 7, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

Many new homeowners are surprised with the amount of maintenance and work that is involved in owning a home. Of course, some of the maintenance is to add curb appeal to the home, such as landscape planting, but other maintenance, such as cleaning and repairing the gutters, is necessary to prevent damage to the home. Though the homeowner can handle many maintenance jobs, it’s recommended to hire a company that offers Residential Gutter Service in Greeley CO when it’s time to clean the gutters. Gutters are attached to the fascia boards on the home and if the roof is steep, it can be a quite high, unstable and dangerous job. By calling a Total Remodel Contractor to clean the gutters, the homeowner can be assured that the company is qualified and has the proper equipment and safety gear to get the job done efficiently and without harm.

It is important to ensure the gutters are performing properly on the home and by visiting the website, , the homeowner can learn why this is so necessary. Gutters direct rainwater away from the home, in order to protect the house and the area around it from the damaging downpour. Without gutters or with clogged gutters, a hard rain will pour off the roof in a sheet, causing possible damage, or water infiltration to siding, windows or fascia board. As this water pours off the home, without the direction from the gutters, it is ultimately directed straight down to the home’s foundation. This can cause serious damage if the water gets into the basement or damages the foundation of the home.

Expensive foundation damage can be avoided by ensuring the gutters are directing rain overflow away from the house, via the downspout. Gutters can be clogged with dirt and debris, leaves and even dead animals, causing the water flow to stop and the gutters to pour the water over the top. The Residential Gutter Service in Greeley CO, will clean all the debris out of the gutters, clean and remove dirt or mildew from the face of the gutters and ensure there are no cracks or holes allowing water to flow improperly. Being certain the gutters are operational is important to keep potentially damaging water away from the home and allows it to be fielded to another safe disposal area far from the home’s foundation.

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