The Importance of Orange County Shredding Services

With identity theft in the headlines, it is more important than ever to protect ourselves from people that thrive on stealing personal information and using it for their own gain. This is where document shredding by Orange County Shredding Services comes into play. Many people have small shredders in their home that they can use to destroy that junk mail with the pre-approved credit card offers, billing info, or other sensitive paperwork. Unfortunately, businesses tend to have a lot more paperwork to destroy than the average person. Commercial shredding services have grown over the years to meet the need of the growing trend of shredding documents.

Commercial businesses, such as banks, hospitals, and loan offices, tend to have a lot of paperwork with personal information documented. In most areas, it is required by law to destroy these documents in a way that the information can not be gotten by those with criminal intent, or anyone else for that matter. Just tossing paperwork in a dumpster does not protect information. There are people that will dig through dumpsters just to see what they can find. Any business that handles the following types of documents should utilize a document shredding service:


*  Medical records

Credit applications

Tax returns

*  Bank statements

*  Credit cards

This is by no means an all inclusive list. There are many documents that should be shredded to maintain confidentiality. If there is any doubt at all, it should be shredded. How does a document shredding service work? The Orange County Shredding Services will usually provide a receptacle in which to place the documents to be destroyed. Periodically, the shredding company will send a shredding truck to the location where the receptacles are located. The shredding company employees will remove the bins from the area in which it is located and take it outside to the shredding truck. The documents are then placed in the shredder and reduced to little shard of paper that will no longer be able to be read. Imagine a truck full of confetti. By utilizing a document shredding company, businesses can rest assured that they are following the mandated security measures in safeguarding personal and confidential information.

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