The Importance of Furnishing Your Church

When you’re choosing church furniture, there are several things to consider. Today’s congregations want to be comfortable yet engaged, and want to feel at home in their local church. From the pews to the choir chairs to the fellowship tables, every piece of furniture in the church setting is part of bringing that dream to life.

What to Consider When Considering Pews

The church pew is an iconic symbol in American religious culture. Nearly everyone is familiar with the silhouette of the traditional, wooden pew, lined in rows before the pulpit. Today’s church furniture suppliers offer far more options for comfortable seating than these sometimes-dated furnishings, though. Some factors to consider when choosing church seating include:

  • Comfort – Will your pews feature upholstered cushions or padded seating for additional comfort?
  • End Profile – The end profile is the part of the pew people will see while walking to their seats before services. These end points can hold décor and be a welcoming point for visitors and regulars, alike.
  • Where to Buy – Are you planning to purchase locally, or considering a national furnishings retailer? There are benefits of both, so weigh your options before investing.

Whatever kind of seating you choose, know that it will comprise the foundation of your Sunday meetings. Consider what your congregation would enjoy and make best use of and buy with confidence!

Don’t Forget the Downstairs Dining Hall!

In many American churches, the areas that see the most use – and need the highest-quality, most durable furnishings – are those where fellowship meetings, church banquets, wedding receptions and other events will take place. These meet-and-greet areas require a special kind of furniture, that blends the functionality of schoolroom tables with the comfort of the church hall chair. Church furniture suppliers are uniquely suited to offer these multi-use pieces, beloved by everyone from breakfast clubbers to brides. Be sure to invest your organization’s funds wisely by purchasing from one of these specialty retailers, and make your church’s every room a home away from home for guests.

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