The Importance Of Different Furring Channel Sizes

For framing of new construction or for home renovations and upgrades, furring channel serves several different purposes. The name comes from the use of the component to furr or create a furrow. In this case, it is an inverted furrow to raise items up and off of the existing surface.

Today, furring channel is more commonly known by the term hat channel. This is perhaps more accurate as the channel, when viewed from the end, resembles a man’s top hat in the taller sizes. It is typically made of aluminum and comes with a mill finish as the standard type of product.

There are different furring channel sizes used in different industries. The most common use of the channel is for mounting the interior or exterior surface of walls or the interior surface or ceilings onto existing studs and rafters. It can also be used to help to reduce the transfer of sound between rooms or between floors.

The height of the top of the hat channel will determine how far off of the existing surface the final interior or exterior surface will be. There are advantages to both a higher or taller hat channel or a shorter profile.

Lower Rise Hat Channel

One option in furring channel sizes includes the half inch tall designs. These are a lower rise option that allows for a slight lift off the surface. This is an ideal option in trailers, RVs or other small areas as it doesn’t add significantly to the structural components of the walls or ceilings.

This type of furring does provide some space for additional insulation. It will still be highly effective in creating a perfectly level surface to mount interior panels or wall and ceiling components. They can be found in widths of three and three-quarters inches.

Tall Hat Channel

There are furring channel sizes that are tall and narrow. They can be as narrow as three inches to up to widths of just over 3.38 inches. The height will range from three-quarters of an inch to up to an inch and seven-eighths, allowing for several different choices to suit specific needs.

This type of hat channel can be used in construction and renovation. It can also be used for construction in RVs and trailers as well as boats. The choice in the height will be a factor of the design, the insulation and sound reduction requirements and any specifics in building codes and regulations.

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