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The Challenges for International Students in Obtaining an MD in America

For many students throughout India and Asia, working in a medical career is a lifelong goal. Becoming a doctor offers the possibility to earn a high level of income while also providing exceptional services throughout the community.

In addition to a career that provides care and support, becoming a doctor also provides the opportunity to specialize in one area of medicine. It is also a career that makes it easy to find work internationally, opening up opportunities to work in various leading hospitals around the world.

One of the most important factors in having this freedom is to complete an MD in America. For US citizens, completing a medical degree requires simply meeting the required entrance standards. For international students, there are significantly more challenges in earning a seat in the programs.

Educational Issues

Students from other countries have to meet the same standards as US students when applying for a medical degree. Meeting these requirements means having an equivalent undergraduate degree as well as scoring about 500 on the MCAT exams.

International students find this a significant challenge both in the format of the questions on the exam and in getting approval for undergraduate course equivalency. Another factor for eligibility for an MD in America is the interview process. Language challenges, cultural context, and other issues can make it difficult to be accepted.

An exceptional option to obtain an MD in America is to complete study through an accredited university outside of the USA. These universities should offer clinical rotations in ACGME approved training hospitals in the USA, allowing students to earn an MBBS or MD degree through a highly sought-after university outside of the USA.

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