The Best Treatment for Veins Problems

by | Feb 4, 2013 | Health Care

Human veins play important roles in blood circulation. However, there are instances that veins are not working properly resulting to some adverse conditions in the body. The most common veins problems are spider veins, varicose veins, and reticular veins. These conditions affect the appearance of the skin, thus treatment is really needed. One of the most commonly used treatments in San Jose, California is sclerotherapy.

The word sclerotherapy is derived from the term sclerosis or sclerose which means “to harden”. In the process of sclerotherapy, a saline solution is injected in the veins through the use of fine needles. This saline solution hardens the cells in the veins by providing the needed water and oxygen. Once the cells harden and die, the lymph nodes in the body will absorb the dead cells and remove them completely; this will allow the veins to function well once again. This will eventually result to flawless skin in the legs.

Reticular veins and spider veins are easily treated with the use of sclerotherapy. The number of times and sessions required for a sclerotherapy treatment will depend on the size and number of reticular veins and spider veins to be treated. It may take up to six weeks from the first session before the next session starts. During these six weeks waiting period, patients may wear compression stockings whenever they go to work or school if they want to hide the dark spots and bruise-like areas in their legs, which are the results of sclerotherapy.

Aside from these dark spots in the skin, another effect of sclerotherapy in the human body is the replacement of veins and capillaries. Veins and capillaries are the ones responsible for delivering and transporting oxygen and nutrients to the skin and tissues of different parts of the body. Whenever the veins and capillaries are replaced with new ones, there will be an improvement in the blood circulation.

Sclerotherapy treatment is best done in body parts where there are more tissues and muscles. With the advanced technology in medicine nowadays, procedures for the veins in areas like ankles and foot are also possible. If ever you are not comfortable with needles, another option for you is laser therapy. Laser therapy is more expensive than sclerotherapy in San Jose. In this procedure, instead of injecting saline solution in the veins, lasers are being used in order to apply heat to the blocks in the veins, thus, allowing good blood circulation in the body and removal of the spider veins.

If you are one of those people who have spider veins in the legs or even reticular veins in the face, looking for the best specialty clinic in your area that offers sclerotherapy is advisable. Choose one with many years of experience so you can get the most out of your treatment.


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