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The Best Retractable Awnings Provide Great Benefits

How can I protect my home’s outdoor living space from the sun? Consider the commercial custom retractable awning manufacturers that provide customized solutions that block the sun’s harmful UV rays. Over time, UV rays and other harsh weather conditions will strip sealants and furniture finishes, damage decking, and fade upholstery fabrics. In the absence of adequate shade trees, the summer months can drive up your HVAC cooling costs. You can improve outdoor living spaces thanks to the commercial manufacturers that produce the best retractable awnings solution that’s right for you.

Year-Round Solution
No two retractable awnings are alike. Customization offers homeowners an authentic solution with a wide-range of marine fabrics that provide up to 98% protection from UV rays. The awning system is both fully adjustable and retractable allowing for comfortable shade with plenty of privacy. Manufacturers offer a drop arm system that allows up to 160 degrees of adjustment for maximum protection from the sun. At night, you can fully retract the awning system to enjoy the night sky.

Other Optional Features
Adjusting your customized retractable awning is made simple with a motorized control system that extends and retracts with the touch of a button. There are many optional features that truly comprise the best retractable awnings available on the market today. These include:

 * Retractable Storage Hood
 * Exterior Drop Shades
 * Lighting
 * Heaters
 * Solar Screens
 * Zip-in Screens

Save Money
You know how hard your HVAC system works during the summer months. You can reduce the wear and tear on your system with the added protection of a retractable awning. They protect your home and windows from the excessive heat of the day. This translates into lowering your monthly utility bill. With a cool and comfortable patio, you can take the your get-together outside, any time of day.

Look for a commercial awning dealer that offers the right solution. Expect a manufacturer’s warranty for the awning frame, added accessories and marine fabric covering. This is not a do-it-yourself project, so be sure to ask the awning dealer for a professional installer. Enjoy your outdoor living area with a protective awning system for your home.

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