The Benefits of Double Action Hydraulic Cylinder Design

When it comes to hydraulic cylinder design, there is single action and also double action. In many cases, double action is the best choice and it provides a lot of advantages. Let’s take a look at single and double action cylinders and discover why double action is often the preferred type.

Single or Double Action

Single action hydraulic cylinders are quite simple. They have one port for fluid to enter and extend the rod. Either a spring or gravity returns the rod to its original position.

Double action hydraulic cylinder design incorporates a fluid port on each end. Hydraulic pressure is used to both extend and retract the rod. This is the basic difference between the two cylinder types.

Why Choose Double Action Cylinders?

One of the biggest advantages of double action is the hydraulic cylinder design. Because there is a port on both ends, these cylinders can easily be changed over to single action cylinders if needed. However, this is not recommended with inexpensive double action cylinders because they have seals which may stick if converted to single action. This is why you should always use high quality cylinders. In addition, there are more good reasons to consider dual action. Click here to know more.

Resistance to Corrosion

With double action hydraulic cylinder design, the rod is lubricated each time the piston makes one complete cycle. In other words, there is fluid coming and going from each end of the cylinder. However, with a single action cylinder, fluid enters the port, pushes the piston up and rod out and it then retracts. In an outdoor environment, this can make a single action cylinder susceptible to corrosion if not used for a period of time.

Not Gravity Dependent

Some single action cylinders rely on gravity to retract the rod once pressure has been released. This means they cannot work in every position and angle. With dual action, the hydraulic cylinder design allows for work in any angle, because pressure is applied to both extend and retract the rod. In addition, on some occasions, single action cylinders can stick and if this happens in a dumpster or dump truck situation, it can present problems.

Less Space

Dual action hydraulic cylinders take up less space. For example, because the cylinder holds a specific amount of fluid at all times, it requires a smaller reservoir than single action cylinders.

There is still a definite need for single action cylinders today. Yet, because of the many benefits which dual action hydraulic cylinder design provides, you will see them in a wide range of applications and industry today. In fact, dual action is the most popular choice.

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