The Benefits of Agrimatics Libra

Are you tired of having to weigh your grain out yourself and keep track of it on paper? Join the digital age with a grain cart scale indicator app that can communicate with your hardware! It attaches straight to your grain cart so it can communicate wirelessly with the app that runs on a tablet or a smartphone inside your tractor. The advantage is that the data is stored in a cloud system, so that you can concentrate on the functions and capabilities of the app without being concerned about the complex information technology software and hardware!

The Process

A Bluetooth transmitter is installed on your grain cart, and then is wired with a junction box that connects to the weigh bars. A tablet or smartphone on the tractor uses wireless signals to communicate with your grain cart to become the scale indicator.

Combine operators and truck operators can monitor operations with a mobile device! You can do this within about four hundred feet of your grain cart, so you don’t need to be near it to do measurements.

The measurement operation is unified through the use of the Internet that provides connectivity to the cloud. Transactions of crops can be emailed, and the harvest data can be stored on the cloud system for later use.


Agrimatics libra provides you with many different capabilities for your grain cart scale. It’s able to automatically figure out how much grain was released from a cart, and uses display filtering to stabilize the weight when you’re driving over a rough field. Unload transactions are recorded manually or automatically on Agrimatics Libra, and if the mobile device uses GPS, tracking of every load is logged so there is an audit of production already built in!

The app supports as many fields as you have, trucks, destinations, and commodities, which can be edited whenever you need. The gathered load can be viewed on every truck, bin, and field. There are an unlimited number of devices that can see the live weight from the device and are able to independently figure out the weight to be deducted from the loads. This lets the combine operator calibrate the yield monitor directly from a wireless device.

Weights and totals can be displayed in bushels, kilograms, or pounds, so the operator is able to view these amounts in familiar units. With this wireless capability between the grain cart and the tractor, there are no complicated buttons or menus with the added benefit of cloud connectivity to the grain cart.

The bottom line is that this makes production a much smoother, more rewarding operation! You no longer have to do any of this by hand. You just pull your phone or tablet out of your pocket or keep it in the tractor cab, and you have all this information right at your fingertips.

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