The Advantages of Using Plastic Sprockets and Gears

Turn the clock back fifty years and metal gears were by far the more common option. Today, plastic gears are becoming the dominant solution. Buying plastic sprockets and gears in Washington is a simple and affordable process. You find a company that manufactures custom plastic components, send them the specifications, and wait for your product.

Why is it that plastic sprockets and gears in Washington are now more commonplace than their metal alternatives? Why are more businesses turning to custom plastic manufacturers rather than metal working shops for their replacement gears? It all boils down to the benefits that plastic provides.

Fast, Affordable, and Accurate

These are the three biggest benefits that plastic gears provide. You can go from knowing what you need to having the custom gear installed in a very short period of time. This is especially true if you live in an area where a plastic machining company services locally. For example, getting plastic sprockets and gears in Washington is a fast process because of the local machining companies.

As for the affordability and accuracy, these benefits come from significant improvements in the machining process. It’s improved tremendously in the last five years. Even the highest quality plastic components are usually more affordable than metal counterparts.

Quieter Operations

This all depends on the application of the gears and sprockets. For the most part, plastic gears run much more quietly than metal gears. If their application is in a sound-sensitive environment, then the change in materials will make a huge difference and provide a significant advantage.

An All Around Better Option

While it’s true that metal is stronger and more wear resistant, it’s easy to see why plastic is quickly becoming the more common option. Custom plastic gears and sprockets can be quickly machined with high accuracy. They run quietly and still have a very long lifespan.

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