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Styling Your Backyard Fire Pit

Adding a backyard fire pit to your landscape can be exciting. You can be sure you’ll spend plenty of time around the fire pit enjoying the warmth of the fire and the company of friends.

Your fire pit area should look stylish and comfortable. Consider both the fire pit and the seats carefully. When choosing your fire pit, consider the style of your house, as well as whether you plan to leave the fire pit out all year, or remove it during the months you won’t be using it.

There are many freestanding fire pits that are easy to relocate in the off season. If you choose to dismantle your fire pit area in the off season, remember to select seating that can easily be stored too. Stacking chairs or simple stools work best.

Wooden stumps make great seats for your fire pit area, too. You can make the seats from trees you’ve cut, or buy these from many different vendors. Keep in mind, however, that these can be very heavy to move if you plan to take your fire pit down during the off season.

Traditional Adirondack chairs also give a very traditional look for a fire pit. These chairs are extremely comfortable and can have cushions added, ensuring you can spend hours lounging by the fire.

While it’s not really needed, many people choose to have lanterns or other lighting near their backyard fire pits. Lanterns can be on posts in the ground or be hung from trees. String lights give a great ambiance if you want to create a romantic feel.

As you peruse the many different styles of backyard fire pits, you’re sure to get even more ideas about styling your fire pit area with seating, lights and other elements. There are many great backyard fire pits in Dallas to ensure you find just what you want.

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