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Some of the Best Seafood Restaurants near Southwest Ranches Focus on Italian Techniques

Florida is known worldwide for its seafood, and so is Italy, about 5,000 miles to the west. Many who have looked at maps have remarked upon the similarity of shape exhibited by Florida and Italy, with the long peninsula that makes up the bulk of each creating plenty of sea-facing coastline.

Some of the most highly regarded Seafood Restaurants near Southwest Ranches put an appropriately Italian spin on the fish, shellfish, and other fruits of the sea that Floridians are so proud of. Local restaurants like Tarantella Ristorante & Pizzeria are known for many things, with seafood certainly not least among them.

Florida’s Seafood Benefits From Inimitably Italian Treatment

There are plenty of delicious seafood recipes that have their roots in Florida. Since Florida’s history as a populous place is a relatively short one, though, it can pay to look elsewhere for inspiration, as well.

Among the leading Seafood Restaurants near Southwest Ranches, this most often means applying Italian culinary principles to ingredients drawn from Florida and other places in the United States. Some of the dishes that exhibit this approach most clearly and popularly are:

  • Zuppa de pesce.
  • Although Florida is known for warm weather, cooler days are fairly common. When the daytime skies darken a bit, a bowl of steaming hot soup often hits the spot. An Italian fish soup found on certain menus in the area quite often warms up cloudy, cool days for locals. Containing favorites like mussels and shrimp, it is both rich and complexly flavorful.
  • Seafood risotto.
  • Rice can be prepared in many ways, but none is more luxurious than Italian risotto. Making risotto properly requires slowly simmering starchy, short-grained rice in ladles of broth until each addition gets absorbed. Risotto is typically finished with an addition of butter, but seafood can just as well be added at the end. Local restaurants incorporate Florida shrimp and calamari into risotto to great effect.

Italian Recipes and Florida’s Seafood Make a Great Combination

There are many ways to enjoy the fresh seafood that is so plentiful in Florida. Many locals feel, though, that it frequently shines most brightly when prepared according to traditional Italian recipes. At certain restaurants in the area, diners can decide for themselves if they agree. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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