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Windows Reseller Web Hosting

Looking for a site to place your business web hosting? What should you look for in windows reseller web hosting?

First you want a place that has a lot of experience hosting websites. You want sites with excellent security and a totally redundant back up system. The host should have varying priced plans from simple to everything you could possibly want. They should offer, on certain plans, the following features: free support for the resellers customer, branded c Panel instructions, free domain and SSL reseller accounts, and free billing software. In addition, they should offer their resellers the ability to upsell two website building software packages (SiteBuilder & SiteStudio), domains, SSL certificates, softaculous and other value added features. You’ll want a company with a number of locations to best serve your personal needs.

Where to go for advice on which service you want to use? Friends and family are good starts – preferably ones who work with computers each day. They will be able to be as frank as possible about which systems worked for them and which ones did not. The next best places are tech magazines. They will have more in depth articles and often very good ads for various companies that you might want to work with.

Hopefully you will find the best match for your online business. Now comes the setup. How much input you want to have from your host is entirely up to you. You can code it all yourself or you can have them code it all – or anything in between. Going with a proven reseller server is going to give you the most options.

The online market just keeps growing. Now that the tech bubble has burst, you aren’t under as much pressure to be a success overnight. You have more time to make your online business a success. Choosing the proper reseller server is an important step toward making your business what you want it to be. Each click gets you further and further toward those goals. Taking the time to make the right decision from the start will take a lot of the hassle out of starting your new online business.

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