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Signs You Need to Call for Refrigerator Repair in Alpharetta

A refrigerator is a very important appliance in a household. The refrigerator is responsible for keeping perishable foods fresh, and if it goes out, you are in danger of losing all of that food. There are often some warning signs before the refrigerator malfunctions. Calling for Refrigerator Repair in Alpharetta quickly is vital if you don’t want an entire refrigerator of food to spoil.

Strange Noises

While refrigerators make a variety of interesting sounds that are considered normal, there are a few that could mean the appliance isn’t functioning properly. One to be on the lookout for is a clicking noise. This is usually a sign of the compressor trying to run. If the clicking seems very intense or doesn’t stop, the compressor may be struggling. If this happens, it is best to have your refrigerator examined by an expert. A constant hum is also something that warrants inspection. While it’s normal for a refrigerator to hum for a few seconds after opening, a non-stop hum may be an indication that the motor is wearing out.

Unstable Temperatures

The main job of a refrigerator is to keep the food inside at a regulated temperature. The food on all shelves should be pretty much the same temperature. If the top shelves begin to freeze or the bottoms shelves get too warm, the cooling element may need to be inspected. See if adjusting the temperature manually helps with the situation. If you begin to see water pooling around the bottom of the unit, the food in the freezer may be thawing. Check the seal of the doors to make sure they are closing correctly. If you are unable to correct the problem, keep the doors shut until you are able to schedule Refrigerator Repair in Alpharetta.

While a refrigerator should last many years without any problems, they can go out unexpectedly. Watch your appliance for warning signs, such as strange sounds or unstable temperatures. If you do notice something isn’t right, be sure to call for repair immediately. The Appliance Doctor considers a malfunctioning refrigerator to be an emergency repair. If you keep the doors of the appliance closed, you can prevent the food inside from spoiling for up to 24 hours until a repairman arrives.

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