Signs that Septic Services in Hartford CT are Needed

by | Jul 17, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

There are a number of homes, especially ones that are located in more rural areas that are not hooked up to the city’s sewer system. Instead, they have an individual septic system that is designed to hold wastewater. While installing a septic system can be quite expensive, if it is properly maintained, it will provide reliable services for years down the road. This means that the homeowner invests in Septic Services in Hartford CT regularly. In some cases, the signs that this service is needed will be obvious, but other times it may be harder to tell. Some things to look out for in terms of when septic service is needed are highlighted here.

Water Pooling in the Yard

One of the first and most obvious signs that Septic Services in Hartford CT are needed is if the homeowner begins to notice water pooling in their yard. This can take place in several different areas, but special attention needs to be given to the grass that is over and near the drain field. When water begins to pool in this area, it indicates that the septic tank is completely full.

Concentration of Nitrates

Another sign that Septic Services in Hartford CT is needed is if well water begins to have unhealthy levels of nitrates. A system that has become too full can cause nitrates and bacteria to leach into the well water and surrounding soil. In order to figure out the health of the water, it should be tested regularly.

Health of the Grass Over the Drain Field

When a septic system is operating as it should, the area of grass over the drain field will look as healthy as all the other grass in different parts of the lawn. However, if this grass appears extraordinarily lush and green, then it may be time to have the tank pumped. This usually means that the liquid is rising too much and that some type of septic failure is present.

For more information about when to seek septic service, contact The FEB Companies today. Here all questions can be answered and homeowners will know when to seek the service that is needed. This is essential to keeping a septic system healthy and working properly.

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