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Should You Contact Your Roommates Before Moving In?

Most pet-friendly apartments near University of South Carolina come with a roommate or two. While this can be a little intimidating, it’s also a great way to meet new friends. Before you get settled in, your apartment complex might send you a message to let you know who you’ll be rooming with. Should you reach out to your new roommates before you move in?

The Benefits of Talking to Your Roommates Before You Move In
There’s no rule saying that you have to talk to your roommates before you move into your new apartment. However, it’s a great way to get off on the right foot before the semester starts. Don’t be afraid to send your new roommates a short message introducing yourself. You can let them know what classes you’re taking and talk a little about your major. Your new roommates will probably be happy to get a welcoming message and respond with some information about themselves.

You can also take this time to let your roommates know what you’ll be bringing when you move in. Most of the furniture and appliances will be provided for you, but you might want to bring a small appliance like a blender or a mini-fridge. Letting your roommates know ahead of time can prevent multiple people from bringing the same item.

If you’re thinking about renting pet-friendly apartments near University of South Carolina, contact Riverside. You can apply for a room on the website whenever you’re ready.

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