Services Offered By Louisville Long Distance Movers

Louisville is a beautiful place to live, but there comes a time for many people to move out of the city. This could include a move to a neighboring state or across the country. Regardless of the destination of the move, hiring the best long distance movers will always be important.

Many people aren’t aware of all the services that a long distance moving company may offer. Most of these companies are able to work with customers to directly provide the services or to provide a list of companies that can provide the service.

Packing Services

One of the most common services that long distance movers provide is packing. This can include packing all the belongings in the home or just packing selected items.

Packing services will begin a few days before the moving date. The company will provide information on the time they estimate to complete the packing and then send a crew with supplies on the pre-selected schedule and date.

Packing will include the use of wrapping, packing peanuts and specialty boxes. Packing crews are trained in effective packing techniques to prevent breakage and damage. By using the moving company for these services, you can also obtain additional insurance on the contents over and above the valuation coverage.

Move Coordinators

Most of the best Louisville long distance movers provide a move coordinator. This is a point of contact person for your move who will coordinate the services offered and answer questions.

These professionals will also provide helpful resources on planning for the move, organizing for the move as well as items that cannot be moved. Knowing what you cannot take on a moving truck is important as packing these items can result in damage to your items.

There are many other checklists, tips and helpful tools that movers can provide. Asking for what you need is the best option and will help ensure a stress-free move.

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