Services Offered By Dentists In Manassas

In Virginia, residents acquire a variety of dental services to improve the condition of their teeth. Among these services are implants, Invisialign, and veneers. These opportunities correct a wide array of issues and enhance the quality of their smiles.

How Dental Implants Work

Dental implants are replacement teeth that are installed permanently. Unlike dentures or bridges, they are connected using a titanium root and abutment. The teeth are created from a mold acquired by your dentists in Manassas. The sample is sent to a lab where the porcelain replica is produced.

The dentist schedules an appointment with you to install the root first. It is drilled into the jawbone for adequate support. Some patients may need to undergo bone grafts. This is to ensure that the jaw bone can support the root properly.

An abutment is used to secure the tooth to the titanium root. This is performed after the jaw heals from the root installation. The dentist may use an adhesive to secure the finalized installation.

An Alternative to Braces

Invisalign consists of acrylic braces that are used to force the teeth back into proper alignment. The braces are removal giving patients more control. This allows them to brush, floss, and eat without difficulty. The patient receives a new set of braces as they progress through the process. Typically, the process tests far less time to realign the teeth than standard metal braces.

Do You Need Veneers?

Veneers are thin plastic devices that are installed on the exterior of the tooth. They help to contour the tooth and make it more aesthetically pleasing. This is beneficial for patients with teeth that aren’t severely crooked. It also encloses tooth gaps and eliminates discoloration. These devices are installed in a short amount of time during one dental visit.

Patients with challenging dental issues could utilize a variety of cosmetic treatments. These opportunities could improve the appearance of teeth and restore self-confidence. For patients with severely damaged teeth, the procedures could enhance their quality of life. To learn more about these procedures available to you, contact dentists in Manassas for more details.

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