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Seeking Treatment With The Help Of Your DUI Attorney In Santa Rosa County

If you are facing traffic-related criminal charges, you may need the help of a DUI Attorney in Santa Rosa County . An attorney that handles these cases comprehends your options and is aware of the probable punishment that these offenses may bring. He or she will discuss these options with you to find a solution to your legal troubles.

DUI Charges and Realizations

Any criminal conviction will affect your life. However, a DUI charge can be that moment in your life where you realize that you may have a problem that is bigger than you. If this is the case, and you are ready to seek professional help, your lawyer may speak to the judge on your behalf. Some sentencing options related to DUI charges include inpatient recovery for drugs or alcohol. This will not eliminate the charge or its appearance on your criminal record, but it will enable you to change your life.

Court Ordered Treatment

If this is your first DUI offense, some states will recognize your effort for wanting to seek help. Some states have a program designed for first-time offenders. Within this program, you are required to complete drug or alcohol treatment as specified by the judge. He or she will inform you of the duration of this treatment. In addition, you may be required to participate in community services for a predetermined amount of time.

Community Service

When the court orders you to community service duties it is to enable you to learn how important, it is for the community to work together for a shared purpose. You may be assigned to clean up roads by removing trash and other debris, or you may be asked to work within a community-based facility that helps those less fortunate.

It is through these court-ordered services that you will learn more about the people in your community and how they are affected by the actions of others. It will put your DUI charge into a greater perspective in showing you how such occurrences have affected the lives of others. Your DUI Attorney in Santa Rosa County will direct you in explaining the form of community service assigned to you. He or she will also explain to you how failure to comply with these court ordered services will affect you.


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