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Seeing an Urgent Care Clinic in Atascocita for Hypertension

What is a normal blood pressure? Systolic blood pressure levels are between 120-129 mmHg, and the diastolic should be between 75 and 84 mmHg. Lower figures can also be considered normal, provided they do not cause any symptoms. Systolic blood pressures that are between 130-139 mmHg and the diastolic between 80-89 mmHg is considered “high-normal”. In diabetics, levels above 140/85 mmHg are considered too high and must be brought down. However, your local Urgent Care Clinic in Atascocita will tell patients that anything above the numbers listed above constitutes hypertension.

You can talk about high blood pressure whether it is normal or low, but you can never determine whether it is compensated or decompensated. In practical terms, these three possibilities should be taken into account with a negative reading:

*       Having a very high systolic and a low diastolic almost never occurs.

*       Having an outrageous level at both ends should also raise concern but does not mean that the numbers are true. Wait a few minutes and take the measurement again.

*       Taking the above two into account, it is possible that one level is low, and the other is high but these circumstances are rare.

The best treatment of hypertension is the prevention of their occurrence. This is essential and is obtainable if the patient follows a heart-healthy lifestyle provided by their local Urgent Care Clinic in Atascocita. If a person is hypertensive and cannot control their blood pressure through dieting and exercise, the doctor may suggest the addition of medication. The results do not always reflect an immediate reduction of blood pressure, so it is necessary to wait a little before changing medication. Antihypertensives are grouped into several types:

*       Diuretics

*       Inhibitors of the renin angiotensin system (ACE)

*       Antagonists, angiotensin receptor (ARB)

*       Beta blockers

Patients undergoing treatment with antihypertensives should consider these tips: Although the blood pressure has returned to normal, he or she should not stop taking the medication unless under a doctor’s order. Try to take the pills at the same time every day. Consult your doctor if the treatment does not give valuable results because sometimes it is necessary to combine several drugs to control blood pressure. Also check the diet because some foods, i.e. salt can prevent antihypertensive medication from doing its job effectively. Visit Care 4 Houston to learn more.

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