Seeing a Dentist for Dentures in South Loop

Dentures are false teeth that are used to replace several missing teeth. They come in removable and fixed form and are very economical when it comes to replacing lost teeth. Seeing your local Dentist for dentures in South Loop can ensure your smile returns to its former glory. But are they right for you?

Types of dentures

Traditional removable dentures are the most economical method to replace some or all teeth in the mouth. Other methods used to replace missing teeth are dental implants and fixed bridges. Both aim to provide a better quality of life for patients. They are manufactured by a dental technician from acrylic resins and are designed to replace your natural teeth and function just the same. In some cases, you can ask a Dentist for Dentures in South Loop to be placed on the same day as an extraction.

The main advantage of immediate dentures is that the patient does not have to be without teeth. It is important to note that after the tooth extraction the gums begin to heal and change shape so it takes anywhere between 1 to 8 weeks to make some adjustments and adapt to your new teeth.

Dentures can be difficult to adapt to, especially in the first weeks. To start eating again, dentists recommend you start off by first eating soft foods. It is also normal to have a small change in speaking. Over time, the gums are altered due to bone resorption. In such cases, it is important to see your dentist so they can repair the issue.

It is also very important to maintain a good cleaning of the removable prosthesis. It is, therefore, desirable to remove them every night (do not sleep with them on) and place it in a glass of water. You can use effervescent tablets sold in the pharmacy and clean it with a stiff brush.

Denture Care

During the adaptation of your dentures, it is important to start off by eating soft foods in small quantities and avoid hard or sticky foods at first. Dentures may also cause sores on some points of the gum due to rubbing, but this can be fixed by visiting your dentist. You should brush the gum covering the alveolar ridge and always clean it after eating to avoid the retention of food.

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