Saving Time with a Skid Loader

Construction companies know the value of having a skid loader on site for moving a large amount of resources at one time. But skid loaders are valuable for individuals as well, specifically farmers. Farmers regularly use front loading attachments for their tractors, but a skid loader could be equally valuable to a farmer who needs a vehicle dedicated to moving large amounts of material around the farm.

Moving Snow

Farmers that are based in the northern states are used to dealing with a large amount of snowfall, especially in places like Montana or North Dakota. In the winter, typical practices like tilling, planting, and harvesting aren’t a concern for some farmers. But equipment and buildings around the farm still need regular maintenance during the cold months so they are able to perform during the farming season. If a farmer needs to move snow away from a building to access it, using a bucket attachment on a tractor to move a large amount of snow could be helpful. When using a tractor with a bucket attachment or a skid loader, special precautions should be taken because these types of equipment can have difficulty making traction in snow. Skid loaders are typically closer to the ground than tractors, and they can have a more equal weight distribution. Using a skid loader could be more effective than using a bucket attachment on a tractor when moving large amounts of snow.


There can be quite a lot of construction involved with owning a farm. Sometimes older storage buildings need to be removed so a new one can take its place. Some farmers choose to perform construction themselves rather than hiring a contractor and a construction team. In this case, a skid loader can be an extremely helpful tool. Leftover materials after demolition can be removed quickly and safely with a skid loader. Other heavy materials are easy to transport from one area to another.

Making the Decision

Buying a skid loader could be a good investment for a farm that needs to be able to move a large amount of resources at one time. This objective can still be reached with a bucket attachment, but having this type of specialty equipment could save a farmer time and money.

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